Website performance: SEO is not a goal

3 Sep 2011

Nowadays I often talk to people about website performance. Are their business goals being met or even accelerated through the use of their website? All too many times they start telling me about their latest Search Engine Optimization campaign. But that’s not exactly what I asked for.

Although Search Engine Optimization is great to reach a bigger audience, it does not affect conversion rates. Sure, their website pops up more often in the Google result pages. But did “searchers” convert to visitors? And if so, did visitors convert to customers?

When I talk to people about website performance, I talk about online ambition and about setting goals. One of these goals might be to get more visitors to the website, but that’s not a goal of it’s own. The end goal should be related to your business goals. So if SEO brings more visitors, think about how your website can be optimized to convert them to serious leads or customers.

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