Realtime A/B testing

10 Nov 2011

With the addition of realtime statistics by Google Analytics it’s now possible to do fast A/B testing. This is very interesting for two types of advertising: TV commercials and email advertising.

TV commercials reach a large audience for a short period of time. The larger chunk of visitors referenced by the commercial will visit your website immediately or directly after the the commercial has ended. Within seconds you have enough information to make a decision. The webpage or content which converts best is now displayed to all remaining visitors.

Email advertising is less immediate but has a long tail when it comes to the attention span. Based on your experience with previous email campaigns you probably know when the largest chunk of visitors will open the email. Be sure to watch those analytics and decide which web page or content converts best.

I totally forgot about social media campaigns and realtime analytics. Which are evidently the best example of when to use realtime A/B testing. Right off the click of your post button you can start testing. The attention span is the shortest of all advertising tools though, so be fast in your decision.