Planning on Search Engine Optimization? Focus on content not tools.

15 Jun 2012

Google is getting better at reading your website as if it were a website visitor. As time passes they will improve their skills. The latest updates in Google's algorithm are focused on finding relevant information, not webpages that are optimized for better ranking. Read more on that subject at Google's Official blog. Website owners should therefore focus on writing good content, because that's what visitors are looking for.


When I talk to people about search engine optimization (SEO) we inevitably end up talking about tools, software used to boost a website in the search rankings. I admit, I'm using tools too. Personally  I'm very excited about the SEO Tools project for Drupal. A great module that helps you decide how to write better content for your audience. But here's the thing. Tools are not helping you to get better rankings for SERP's (Search Engine Result Pages). They will help you write better content though.

Common (but overrated) tools

So you decided to use some tool to get Google to index your website. Great, but they would probably have found your website within a couple of days. And just telling Google your new website is live at Google Webmaster Central ( is enough. Your tool is completely irrelevant because your site is now on their robots todo list.
Now you've used a tool to get the keyword metadata in place. I'm sorry to tell you, but Google doesn't look at keywords since I learned about their existence (around 10 years ago). Please focus on the one truly important metatag called 'description'. When used correctly, this is what Google uses in their SERP when your website pops up. Make sure visitors are likely to click on the link based on the description.

Avoid tricks

Another advice is to not try and pull any tricks to make search engines go to your website. It might result in a penalty which will make your website drop in the SERP's. Not pulling tricks will also help your visitors enjoy your website more. And that's what your aiming for, right?

My SEO advice?

Write good content and stick to the common rules for headers, paragraphs, images and links. Hmm, I should write a blog about that too. I'll keep you posted.