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How accurate are Google Analytics conversions?

12 Jun 2013
Google Universal Analytics

Some time ago, Google Analytics released the BETA version of Universal Analytics (UA). With the addition of the Measeurement Protocol, businesses are now able to add offline data to their Analytics account. A simple use case might be that offline conversions (e.g. by phone) can now be tracked and therefore give a (more or less) complete overview of the overall number of conversions.

No doubt that UA and the Measurement Protocol are big news. I have a question though...

Google Analytics uses data sampling for their reports, especially for accounts that need a lot of data processing. With the addition of the new protocol, even more data will be processed. How will this affect the overall accuracy?

I'm not interested in inaccurate conversion numbers, and neither are my clients. Especially for E-commerce tracking and goal conversion. These conversions need to be absolutely accurate. Let me know on Twitter or Facebook.