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Advanced implementation of Google Analytics

18 Nov 2013
Advanced Google Analytics implementation using Google Tag Manager

It's fairly easy to implement Google Analytics into your website. Setup an account at Google Analytics, copy the default scripts and paste it onto every page in your website.

Universal Analytics Implementation

This year, Google released their Universal Analytics software. A big update on the measurement protocol and the way you can handle measurement data. It let's you track usage of any kind for example, your cash registers. Although it's still in beta, I recommend using it from this moment on if you need more advanced measurement protocols.

Google Tag Manager

In combination with Google Tag Manager it gets easier to setup or change the Google Analytics script on your web pages. All you need to do is setup an account at Google Tag Manager, configure your rule set and copy-paste the script to your website.

Now all future changes to the Google Analytics script (or any other script from first or third parties) can be changed without changing code on your own web pages.